Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love Zazzle and have sold many products through their marketplace.
There are many wonderful artists, and creative folks who also love and use Zazzle.

This blog is to both showcase members hard creative work to the world, and share knowledge, ideas, and tips with others who would like to learn more about Zazzle, and make friends.

It is also a social network you are invited to join, a community of other like minds, where your ability to share, and promote your hard work, will be blasted to more than 80 networks from one place.

The Zazzle Stars platform is a wonderland for artists to share, network, and discuss anything, with tons of great features, and freedom, plus more features to come! You can promote not just Zazzle shops there, but ALL your shops from Meylah to Etsy and more.

Come join us now, and add your Shops and Stores, and feature some of your products in our forums! I will take some of the most active and helpful members and regularly feature them on our portal, blog and internet wide feeds.

If you would like to open your own free Zazzle Store, please check out the* store, and then join up to create your own!

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